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Las arquitecturas son los espacios estructurados en los que evolucionamos individual y colectivamente. Nos proveen de contextos de iniciación dotados de restricciones y areas de libertad donde la conciencia se confronta consigo misma, genera energía creativa y sobrepasa sus limites a traves de saltos cuanticos ocupando asi espacios nuevos y más amplios. Dentro de estas nuevas arquitecturas podemos alcanzar una mayor experiencia y maestria.


Algunas arquitecturas son directamente accesibles a traves de nuestros sentidos (construcciones, ocupación de espacios). Otras solamente se pueden percibir de forma parcial (dinero, lenguaje, convenciones sociales, tiempo). En el primer caso hablamos de arquitecturas visibles y en el segundo de arquitecturas invisibles. Cuando usamos la palabra arquitecturas en plural nos referimos al concepto que engloba a ambas.


Arquitecturas visibles

Arquitecturas invisibles

                                                                                                  Invisible Architectures

                                                                                                  Invisible architectures are more challenging

                                                                                                  to grasp because they operate mostly in

                                                                                                  worlds that are not directly perceivable to our

                                                                                                  biological senses. The role of invisible

                                                                                                  architectures is as important—even more

Most spiritual traditions have developed

                                                                                                  important in many cases—than visible archi-

strict disciplines to help individuals reach

                                                                                                  tectures. Examples of invisible architectures

higher consciousness and then to attain wis-

                                                                                                  are language, money, social codes, time,

                                                  Architectures are structured spaces in which

dom, liberation and enlightenment. Wisdom

                                                                                                  cultural beliefs and the law. Let's take a quick

                                                  we evolve individually and collectively. They

in this context is not a set of ethical and

                                                                                                  look at the first three of these in order to

                                                  provide initiatory contexts of constraints and

moral propositions, but rather a specific state

                                                                                                  become more familiar with them.

                                                  freedom for consciousness to confront itself,

of consciousness experienced by individuals

                                                  generate creative energy, and overcome lim-

and groups when inner guidance is received

                                                                                                  Language is generative as well as descriptive.

                                                  its through quantum leaps and thus take pos-

or spoken through them.

                                                                                                  Words and grammar can expand conscious-

                                                  session of new, wider spaces. More

                                                                                                  ness or leave it trapped in disempowering

                                                  experience and mastery will certainly be

Most people have this experience at one time

                                                  realized within new architectures.              spaces. When Michelle says, “What Allan

or another whether or not they have a spiri-

                                                                                                  said hurts me,” the grammatical structure

tual practice. It usually happens in extreme

                                                  Some architectures are directly accessible to   suggests the words pronounced by Allan

conditions when the person is facing him-

                                                  our senses (building architecture, space oc-    have an intrinsic property that can create

self/herself in the absolute. The automatic

                                                  cupation). Others are only partially perceived  pain. Ordinary language does not invite

pilot of ordinary life is turned off; all beliefs

                                                  (language, money, social conventions, time).    Michelle to step into sovereignty by becom-

and past experiences have become irrelevant.

                                                  In the first case we will refer to visible      ing accountable for her own pain. Ordinary

At this point something unusual happens—

                                                  architectures and in the second to invisible    language keeps Michelle trapped in the ordi-

guidance is felt inside as if coming from an

                                                  architectures. We will use architectures in     nary consciousness of the society in which

external, transcendent source. Although the

                                                  the plural to refer to this broadest sense that she lives, thus producing conditioned out-

context might be traumatic in its external

                                                  includes both.                                  comes. When it is time for Michelle to shift to

aspect, internally the anticipated fear is re-

                                                                                                  stages of consciousness, beyond that of her

placed with a sense of clarity, a feeling of

                                                  Physical Architecture                           society, she will experience difficulties with

being in the right place at the right moment,

                                                  The easiest, most intuitive and pragmatic way   ordinary language. It takes some practice to

making the right decisions in harmony with

                                                  to understand how architectures work is via     say “I have created some pain for myself after

the universal order.

                                                  architecture itself. Physical architecture (for Allan said these words.” She will need to

                                                  buildings) and space occupation is the sci-     build a new language architecture to express

Do we have to wait for extreme situations in

                                                                                                  her new reality.

                                                  ence of designing three dimensional spaces

order to realize a state of wisdom? The Spir-

                                                  and relational configurations among people

itual traditions would say no. They have fo-

                                                                                                  Money is probably the trickiest and most

                                                  for specific individual and collective out-

cused on individual practices leading to

                                                                                                  powerful invisible architecture because it is

                                                  comes, liberating certain possibilities and

individuation and the self-control necessary

19477 01-19.qxp:SpringSum_08          4/22/08     1:51 PM   Page 16

       pervasive and planetary. Although money                                                          Agreement 6. Invite silence. Any participant

                                                        center. Participants offer time to themselves

       has taken digital form, its fundamental                                                          can ask for silence at any moment. Conver-

                                                        to journal their inner processes. What

       dynamic has remained the same since the                                                          sation gets immediately suspended and

                                                        has just been said is deeply listened to

       Victorian age. Its built-in architecture is                                                      everyone enters into silence for one minute.

                                                        and ‘breathed in.’ Participants move from

       based on artificial scarcity and centralization                                                  It offers the space to explore the current

                                                        reaction (responding, taking the floor) to

       and works like a seed from which wealth and                                                      context at a deeper level, enter the experience

                                                        creation (inviting creativity through emer-

       power concentration, ownership, usury, and                                                       into a journal, explore emotions, needs, sense

                                                        gence). Interestingly, each time one speaks

       secrecy unfold. The emerging planetary con-                                                      of emergence in the group, etc. Once the

                                                        right after someone else, leaving no space for

       sciousness, observable through the arising of                                                    minute is over the person who asked for the

                                                        breathing and creativity, the lower self is

       the free/open source economy, is about to                                                        silence is given space to explain why. It is

                                                        taking control.

       invent its own appropriate new monetary                                                          perfectly acceptable not to explain. Conver-

       systems that will support its body structure.                                                    sation can then resume—often with a new

                                                        Agreement 2. Speak to the center. The center

       In the coming years, anyone will be able to                                                      dimension.

                                                        is the physical center of a group in circle, or

       create currencies. There will be millions of     the experienced center in a global collective.

       them. Money is about to follow the path of                                                       Time for Collective Bodhisattvas

                                                        Speaking to the center rather than to a par-

       distributed networks.                                                                            How many organizations do we see in the

                                                        ticular person allows the emergence of the

                                                                                                        world today, composed of well-intentioned

                                                        whole. Participants are asked not to engage

       Social codes have emerged through genera-                                                        and awakened persons that keep facing the

                                                        in sub-group conversations in the midst of

       tions of social interactions. They have be-                                                      same limitations at the collective level? The

                                                        the collective process.

                                                                                                        sum of individual wisdom doesn't necessar-

       come so natural and deeply embodied that

                                                                                                        ily generate collective wisdom.

       we are, for the most part, unaware of them.

       They serve practical purposes for a given so-

       ciety in a given culture at a given time. Just

       like language and other invisible architec-

       tures, the architecture of social codes can be

       redesigned in order to attract wisdom. Let us

       review a practical example by examining

       conversations in which any group may

       engage in order to attract wisdom.



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